15 Best Workouts Under 20 Minutes Part 1

15 Best Workouts Under 20 Minutes

A common excuse for not working out is lack of time. Many people think a workout has to be an hour long to be effective, but that’s not true. You can get a full-body workout in less than 20 minutes and never leave your home

Benefits of Workouts Under 20 Minutes

Workouts that last under 20 minutes are great for busy people. They fit into your schedule whether you like to exercise in the morning, during your lunch break, or at night. They also seem more manageable than longer routines. You’re also more likely to stick with a shorter workout, so it becomes part of your daily routine.
When choosing a shorter workout, look for one that packs as much intensity as possible into a small amount of time. Shorter workouts often include interval training, which alternates high and low-intensity moves. Look for routines that combine cardio with strength training for the most benefit.
The following workouts are short, intense, and effective. All are around 20 minutes, and most can be modified for every fitness level.
1. ‘Victoria’s Secret Model Workout: 10-Minute Fat-Blasting Circuit’

In this fat-burning video, celebrity trainer Andrea Orbeck shares the same exercises she uses to get Victoria’s Secret models in shape. In 10 intense minutes, you’ll do a minute each of cardio and toning exercises. These include:
  • lunges
  • skaters
  • squats
  • side jumps  

2. ‘Denise Austin: Ultimate Fat Burn Workout’

Denise Austin is arguably one of the best-known fitness instructors around. Take advantage of her expertise with this fast-paced workout that boosts your metabolism and burns calories through these intervals:
  • sports drills
  • kickboxing
  • aerobics
  • abdominal sculpting
The video starts slow, builds to a fat-blasting crescendo, and ends with a recovery period.

3. ‘10-Minute Standing Abs Workout’

Help tighten your abs in ten minutes a day with this workout. It includes ten exercises done for 45 seconds each. There’s no floor work, but a dumbbell is required.

4. ‘20- Minute Calorie Crushing Cardio’

This is an excellent workout for beginners because it accommodates any fitness level and requires zero equipment. It features low and high-impact circuit training. You can expect to do squats, hamstring curls, jacks, mock jump roping, side steps, and upper body work.

5. ‘Beginners Ultimate Weight Loss Workout’

If you’re new to interval training, this workout is for you. Each exercise features a beginner’s modification. Planks, tricep dips, lunges, and mountain climbers are included. Thirty-second rest periods are built into the routine, and instructor Dena Maddie takes full advantage of that time to talk about her personal life. That may or may not be a turnoff for you.

With mimimum efforts gain a solid shape


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